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Stock up on what you need to keep your customers happy with top-quality products from Family Treasures Wholesale. The attention to detail that goes into our products makes our selections especially appealing to customers who have an appreciation for reputable brands and fine craftsmanship. Take a moment to check out our products page.

Boxed Greeting Cards

Make it easy to treat your customers to an assortment of greeting cards with KJV Scripture for commonly celebrated occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with our finely-crafted boxed greeting cards. Our boxed greeting cards come in festive and colorful boxes. Our boxed card sets include greeting cards and equally attractive and perfectly sized coordinating envelopes.

We also offer boxed card sets specific to single occasions. Our birthday sets, for example, are often appreciated by the customers who ultimately purchase and use them because they can be conveniently accessed whenever it's time to help someone special celebrate another year.

Baby Items

Your customers with little ones will absolutely love our baby items. We carry a wide variety of cute, colorful, and durable items specially designed to keep babies entertained and stimulated. The playtime delights and baby-specific essentials we offer come from trusted brands like Fisher-Price.

Your customers will also be pleased to know that our versatile and age-appropriate baby items are made to stand up to frequent use. These items can be appealing to both new parents and anyone wishing to give something special and useful as a gift to a friend or relative with a new baby.

Books & Notebooks

With top-quality, fairly priced books and notebooks from Family Treasures Wholesale, your customers can accomplish many important and personally meaningful goals. Our books are particularly appealing if your customer base includes parents looking for well-written books covering many topics in a way that's appropriate for the intended reader, and activity books are ideal for long trips.

Also, add our colorful, picturesque, and sturdy notebooks to your inventory! Your customers will then be able to keep home or store records, write down their personal thoughts, jot down to-do lists, or keep their classroom work neatly separated by subject.

Gift Bags & Tissue Paper

There's something to be said for presenting a meaningful gift in a way that's pleasing to the eye. Help your customers easily achieve this goal with our premium-quality gift bags and tissue paper selections. We have fun, elegant, and colorful designs available in both traditional solid colors and patterned colors and styles and more eye-catching color and pattern combinations.

Many retailers prefer to conveniently present gift bags and tissue paper together to give customers more choices. However, you're welcome to display and carry any selections you think will keep your customers looking for affordable gift-giving accessories happy and coming back.


Check out our selection of sturdy Family Treasures clothespins. Our natural wood clothespins are just what your customers need if they routinely hang clothes out to dry to take advantage of steady breezes and warm, fresh air. Choose from 50 or 100 counts – or simply stock up on both to give your customers even more options.

Our well-crafted clothespins also have durable springs, which means they can stand up to even the most challenging laundry days. Your customers will also love the fact that our large, wood clothespins are non-staining and designed to offer a no-slip grip!

Crayola & Office Supplies

Bring some color into your customers' lives with Crayola crayon packs. This iconic brand has been delighting children with intense brightness since 1885. Our selection of Crayola crayons includes boxes available in various sizes. If you want to offer the best possible selection to your customers, consider the 96-pack, which also comes with a built-in sharpener. We also have sidewalk chalk, glitter glue, and other innovative Crayola products.

We're also your one-stop source for office supplies. From rubber bands and paperclips to pencils, pens, calculators, and staples, we've got everything your business-minded customers might need to keep operations running efficiently.

Toys, Games, & Puzzles

There's no better way to celebrate the joys of family than by offering a wide selection of toys, games, and puzzles for your customers. With games, we can help you stock selections that rely primarily on strategy, easy-to-learn games that can stimulate and challenge both children and adults, and classic games that have been enjoyed for generations.

Come to us to replenish your inventory of toys and puzzles and your customers will thank you for offering a selection that includes puzzles that promote learning and development, toys that are safe and engaging, and games perfect for children of all ages.


We carry a wide variety of quality fabric to meet your customer’s needs. Your customers will be delighted with our dress fabrics – Techno Crepe, Bullet Knit, Liverpool, and more. As well as with our large selection of Flannel, Fleece, Cotton, Wide Quilt Backing, etc. We have many skus of fabric in stock ready to ship.

We are a distributor for various companies including A.E. Nathan, Benartex, and David Textiles. In addition, we have a growing line of exclusive cotton prints.